Post Construction Clean-Up

Following the completion of a construction project it’s important to safely and properly dispose of hard materials and debris. Following removal, it is critical to perform highly detailed final cleaning process to remove dust and polish surfaces prior to opening for inhabitation or use.

F & L provides you with expert post-construction cleaning services to render your building safe while showcasing its features. Our technicians are certified and trained to handle a variety of commercial, public, and federal post-construction cleaning projects.  We clean everything from the floors to the ceiling as well as airducts and exterior windows.

We work closely with your contractors to accommodate any schedule changes during the construction process. F & L will always go the extra mile and can customize our services to meet your project needs.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance services are a vital part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for workers, patrons and residents. In this post-pandemic world it is even more important to maintain healthy indoor spaces for the sake of virus and disease control. F & L uses the top products and equipment to safely remove contagions, dust, dirt and surface debris while complying with state and federal safety guidelines.

Just as important as safety is the impact of providing your customers with a pleasant and memorable experience. We make sure your floors shine, that no dust covers any surface, and that the restrooms and common areas are spotless.

F & L can help you meet your and your patrons’ expectations by remaining undetected and effective so that your operations runs smoothly.