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We're in business for businesses who like to do great business! It is our vision that we can add more to the typical dynamic of trading goods and services for tender. As the economy forces everyone to take an analytical approach to staying afloat, so too does F & L. We strive to provide a service that will help attract more business by making your space shine while your employees are happy and healthy (read our Go Green article). By offering and executing top-notch services, we are able to provide ourselves and our community with ever growing opportunities.

At F & L, we believe that "going green" should be the standard for any corporate operation. We understand the importance of environmental responsibility and the diligent planning and management of all resources. F & L realizes that it takes our ability to see further down the road and to innovate accordingly in order to be successful in business and in serving our community.

We seek to align ourselves with companies that can join in our efforts to create sustainable solutions. We have implemented green practices throughout the years and are adjusting our entire operations for Green Seal approval in 2012.

Our sustainable practices include green cleaning, recycling, and streamlining paperless communications. Our practices ensure that we are enhancing indoor air quality, conserving energy and resources, and saving money!

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