"…I was particularly impressed with F & L's ability to clean our carpets. We have had three professional carpet cleaning companies come in to clean our carpets within the last year and they were unable to remove several stains. The stains kept reappearing and after a couple of attempts…they told us that the stains were permanent. F & L convinced me to allow their team to clean a sample portion. After waiting a couple of weeks to see if the stain would reappear, I was so impressed that I had F & L clean the entire office. Our carpets look great."
- K. Hill, Rushforth Construction

"After hiring and firing several janitorial companies, F & L Building Maintenance has been our best janitorial service company to date. In my business, I need my facilities to look good at all times and with the amount of students that come in and out of the school on a daily basis to include weekends, this is a daunting task. F & L is up to the task. I have not had one complaint since they started!"
- T. Allen, Everest College

"F & L has been providing janitorial service for our offices for almost 2 years and we've never been happier with the service. Honest and hard working, they not only work to meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations. Never missing a day or failing to provide exceptional service, I would recommend F & L Building Maintenance to anyone looking for a trusted provider."
- H. Davidson, Ticor Title Co.

"Your quality of work has not gone unnoticed, as several employees have in fact commented on the differences between your work and the previous janitorial service. Areas are being dusted regularly and cleaning in some of the common areas and private offices is better than ever…I appreciate your district management visits to see how things are going and to make sure that we are satisfied with your work. Thanks again for all you've done!"
- D. Hanberg, H.M.S.T. Enterprises

"Not only does F & L offer a quality service, but they are consistent! Since their first day F & L has always displayed honesty, integrity, and the highest quality of service. Anyone seeking an "all-in-one" janitorial company that truly cares about their customers then F & L is the best company for the job! Whether it is walls, floors, windows or other spaces, whenever F & L performs the work, you definitely know the improved appearance."
- T. Strege, William M. Factory

"F & L has always gone above and beyond our expectations. Their team have over done themselves with their professionalism and dedication. F & L has become a very positive addition to our firm. In the many years that we have worked with F & L, I can honestly say that I have not had or heard of any complaints about them. I will, without any hesitation, recommend F & L Building Maintenance."
- T.P. Martin, Thaddius P. Martin and Assoc.

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