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From our operational infrastructure to our service performance, F & L seeks to become an industry leader in ethics, improvement management, career development, safety, and sustainability.

Business Ethics
We firmly believe in practicing with Honesty, Loyalty, and Consistency. In order to remain leaders in the industry, we employ and practice a Business Code of Conduct within our company and among our partnerships and affiliations.

Improvement Management
We work hard to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and our clients. We aim to set the highest standards in all of our contracts when it comes to safety. To do so, we rely on a system of accountability and quality control wherein staff and clients are encouraged to report incidents and/or complaints so that we are constantly improving.

F & L also works hard to strengthen the aspects of Risk Management in order to remain profitable. In implementing systems for tracking performance deliverables, we focus entirely on recording data from lead in-take to account management.

Career Development
We know the importance of protecting and encouraging our greatest assets- our employees. To sustain a healthy profit margin it is crucial to attract and recruit the right talent and to make sure that all staff live and work by our values. F & L recognizes the achievements of its people and creates an environment of shared ideas and commitments. read more...

With an ever-increasing demand for sustainable business practices, we work hard to improve our knowledge base as well as our networks in order to develop long-term solutions. F & L works daily towards reaching a collective goal for improving the environment through a multitude of avenues ranging from seminars to certification courses on the latest in green practices. read more...

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