Working with F & L
We are a diverse team of dedicated individuals who encourage workplace diversity in order to make things happen! Every year we work on business development in order to continually grow and sustain our operations. We believe that opportunities exist everywhere and we aren't shy about creating them. If you have the integrity to back your career goals, then join our team!

Compensation & Benefits
Our policy is to compensate our employees in compliance with the local market value. We foster an environment of growth from within, therefore never setting a cap on the value our employees can and do provide.

We also offer a benefits package to full-time employees after a probationary period of employment has been completed satisfactorily. Part-time employees also have the option to receive benefits after the probationary period.

F & L's employee environment is one of ideas and growth. We encourage each and every personnel to expand their horizons not only in business, but in life. Periodic surveys from our employees ensure that we are always moving forward in complete consideration each of our human assets. Our company grows because we know the value of a collective effort.

Drug-Free, Criminal-Free
As the economy continues to experience financial hardships, it is becoming increasingly evident that quality work is falling to the wayside. At F & L, we know how important it is to protect the privacy and assets of a company. Therefore, we screen and drug-test all applicants before employment.

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